To create a server, ensure you have installed Multicraft onto your VPS and are logged into the home screen.

Once there, Press Create Server

Below is an explanation of the settings you are presented with

Name: The name you wish to choose for the server
Players: The maximum amount of players on your server
Assign to user: If you're wanting a specific user to own this server, Type their name in here (make sure you've created them an account in the user's tab)
IP: This is the IP you will use to connect to your server, Ensure it is an IP you have on your VPS, in most cases this will be your VPS IP.
Port: This is the port the server will run on, The default port is 25565 & no 2 servers can run on the same port.
Memory: This is the amount of ram you would like the server to be allocated in MB.
Jar Selection: You may select a pre-uploaded jar file to use on your server here
Jar File: Enter in here the name of the Jar file for the server to use when starting
Owner selectable Jar: This allows the assigned user to select their own Jar file or not, You may ignore this if there is no assigned user or the assigned user is an admin
Advanced options
World: the folder that the default world will be stored in (Default: world)
Base directory: This is where the server will be created (You may leave this blank)
Startup Memory: You only need to set this if you're wanting the server to startup with less memory than assigned (You may leave this blank)
Autostart: This allows the server to automatically boot up when Multicraft starts
Look for Jars in
Daemon Jar directory: Look for jars inside the /jar folder of Multicraft
Server Jar directory: Look for jars inside the /jar folder of the servers directory
Server base directory: Look for jars inside of the servers directory
Server visibility: This sets if the server can be viewed from the Multicraft server list
Owner only: Only the owner assigned the server can see the server
By default role: Anyone can see the server
Users with roles only: Only users assigned to the server can see the server
Default role: Roles assigned to players on their first connection to a server (Use No access to whitelist a server)
IP Auth Role: This assigns a role to those who's IP matches an in game player.

Once you have filled out these settings, press the create button and your server will be created!
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