How to add a sub-user into Multicraft


Looking to add a sub-user to access your console or allow a user to access your server files? First, we have to warn you about this before you do so. If you know the developer or the user your trying to add is a close friend, then it would be safe to add them. However, if the user you're trying to add is unknown, a known scammer, or an untrusted user from the internet, do not add them at any costs. If you do add any users from the internet. PloxHost is not responsible for any damage caused to your server.

If You're The Service Owner (Continue Reading). If you're the user being added. Scroll down to the user section.

Service Owner

Refer your friend to this link & alert them to scroll down to the user section.

Wait for the Sub-User to create an account, once completed continue to step 3.

On the left-hand side navigate to Advanced > Users.

On the left side of the screen. Type in the username of the user you want to add. His name should appear right under.

|| For the FTP Access/FTP Username, the details are below. Set it to any option you prefer.

No Access | The desired user can't make any modifications to your server files.

Read only | The desired user can only read/view your server files.

Full access | The desired user can make any modifications to your server files. (Recommended for TRUSTED Staff & Friends)

Guest - Can see basic information about a server like online status and number of players

User - Can use chat, view available commands and use certain cheat functionality if enabled by the server owner

Moderator - Can start servers, use the "admin say" command, see the server console, summon/kick/tp players, use the "give" command and download backups.

Super Moderator - Can issue server commands, stop/restart the server and start backups.

Administrator - Has full control over all server functions such as managing players, editing configs, etc.

Co-Owner - Can assign FTP access to other users

Owner - Can assign co-owner status to other users

Once you have added the user permissions. Ask your friend to reload the page thereon. Your new user should have access to your server now! That's it!


Please signup for a sub-user account for multicraft at this link

Once you have made a sub-user account the owner of the server will be able to add you by the username you have used.
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