This article will be using CloudFlare as the DNS service provider. Instructions will vary slightly from provider to provider.
• You must have a domain name
• You must have a server with us
• This should only take about 10 minutes TOP.

###Step One:
After your domain is connected with CloudFlare, navigate to the DNS tab.

###Step Two:
Locate the Add Record label, and enter the following information as seen in the photo below:

Remember the name, as this will be important later! (The name in this example is "serverip")

###Step Three:
Add your SRV records. Follow the screenshots below and enter in the information EXACTLY as you see it, minus the text phrases that you insert your server information into.

For the Target, make sure you put the name you chose above in front of your domain.

TIP: The UNDERLINED items are very important to follow!
Then, click save. Then click ADD RECORD.

###Step Four:
Now you need to wait about 5 minutes or so for this to come into effect. Changes may take up to 24 hours to propagate around the world, but it usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to globally be available.

TIP: CloudFlare updates its DNS records every 5 minutes by default. This means that if it is 1:24 PM, changes will take place in one minute, or 1:25, the same with 1:30 and so on and so forth.
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