How to use FTP

1) First pick a client - Online FTP or Downloaded Client


Using online FTP is designed so you can easily edit files and upload plugins. It is not designed to upload larger files.

Login to your panel and select the server you wish

Select "FTP File Access" on the left side-bar like shown below -


Type in your panel login password - Shown below


Boom your done! Moving on to Downloaded Client Help -

Downloaded Client Help--

We recommend using a client called FileZilla, it is simple and easy to use! Follow these steps to install it and use it


Click "Download FileZilla Client" - Shown Below

Once clicked, it will download a file. Install it and follow the steps it shows you.

The client will launch after it's been installed

Shown below is an example of the information you will be inserting into FileZilla. Navigate to your FTP File Access under "Files" and locate the FTP Address, FTP Port, FTP Username and FTP Password, which is the password you use for your multicraft account. In FileZilla type in the necessary information.

Type the rest of the info in, and click "Connect"

Boom! Ka-Zing, your connected

If you need any help with these steps please contact us contact
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