What is PloxHost's Affiliate Program?

PloxHost's affiliate system is where you can get paid for inviting your friends to purchase from us! You will earn a commission of 20% once someone decides to purchase!

For Example
Let's say that someone purchased a Endstone plan (10GB ) Minecraft Server using your affiliate link, which costs $10.00 with the promo code MEGAMC, This means that you will get $2.00 in affiliate earnings from their purchase (20% of $10.00)


Here are a couple of ways you can spread the world using your link:
Forums Sites

Signing Up

1) Visit the PloxHost Billing Panel
2) Navigate to Affiliates on the Navigation Bar

3) Activate your account
profit o.O?

Please note, these links only work for Website Hosting, VPS/KVM, and Minecraft Servers!

Do not use a link shorter, this is against FTC Endorsement Guidelines!

Frequently asked questions

I just referred someone, but I can’t withdraw my commission for it?

There is up to a 2-day delay from when someone purchases our service using your link and when you can withdraw that commission. This is done to prevent fraudulent activities.

On your Affiliates page you will see two related balances:
Commissions Pending Maturation - This is the amount that is still within the 2 days waiting period.
Available Commissions Balance - This is the amount that can be withdrawn at your request.

Can I withdraw the money to PayPal?

Unfortunately not, the affiliates program only pays out to PloxHost Account Credit.
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